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[Thu Mar 26 04:32:00 CDT 2020] Starting branch indexing...
04:32:00 Connecting to using dwightguth/****** (GitHub Access Token)
Examining makerdao/mkr-mcd-spec

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  Getting remote branches...

    Checking branch master

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No changes detected: master (still at bde99d0306e92e4f1eb5d622226d12fc4cff6392)

    Checking branch _update-deps_deps_k

    Checking branch common-prelude

    Checking branch ehildenb

    Checking branch end

    Checking branch flap

    Checking branch flip

    Checking branch flop

    Checking branch gh-pages

    Checking branch init-spot-with-mat

    Checking branch rat

    Checking branch slow-json

    Checking branch solidity-variable-name-conflicts

    Checking branch update-submodule

  14 branches were processed

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    Checking pull request #166
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No changes detected: PR-166 (still at 0272d626690ad0a8101421025db9d4ba281e96f7)

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No changes detected: PR-163 (still at e1f6eabe7498d29d3d4094d094b436f3c28cfa2a)

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Finished examining makerdao/mkr-mcd-spec

[Thu Mar 26 04:32:03 CDT 2020] Finished branch indexing. Indexing took 3.3 sec
Evaluating orphaned items in mkr-mcd
Will not remove PR-157 because it is new
Finished: SUCCESS